Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Society: A Conundrum


Aside from the glaring typo in this quote of unknown origin, I would wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Politeness is increasingly rare; for the most part it is quite frowned upon. Men on the train or any other form of public transportation don’t rise to let a lady sit. Why?

  The answer is, in part, feminism. Feminists want to be absolutely equal to men. What, a man offering me a seat? He must think me weak and inferior to him! This cannot be allowed! We women must strive for masculine strength in order to appear equal in both mind and body to men.
   This is not actually my view, but my view is not quite the opposite of the above one. Women and men should be complements to one another; the strength of men to the gentleness of women, a man’s height to a woman’s smaller stature, et cetera. After all, if we look back all the way to Genesis, we will see that man and woman were literally made for each other. Adam could not survive without Eve so God saw it fit to make her.

   Unfortunately, people today have really forgotten almost everything represented in Genesis. All they seem to see is some sort of vague, indefinable inequality between the sexes when really no such inequality is, in fact, present. The main notion of most people today is that men are generally perceived as better leaders, fighters, doers, and such things. Well? What is so bad about that? Is there anything bad about it? Women can do an awful lot of things men can’t do. Women are better home-makers. They also feel more, perhaps, than men do. Men act directly on impulse whereas women wait, and think it out first.

  This, of course, happens to be yet another good reason for the cause of traditional marriage, e.g., one man and one woman. The two will balance each other out, helping one another to act to the best of their abilities and create a good home for their potential children. Same sex marriage will not accomplish this in any way whatsoever. Besides being absolutely unnatural and totally wrong, it is not real in the eyes of the Church and has been condemned by God. But it has been accepted and lauded from the rooftops by the government as a very good and even honourable way to live. After all, it doesn’t matter what the Church thinks so long as we all can be with whoever we please, right?

  Wrong. We should certainly not have to cave to what society would have us do and believe about everything. That is how we became the way we are today; diversity is actually nonexistent, rather than abounding as people think it to be. But I will write about the diversity issue later; back to the role of the Church in society.

  Holy Mother Church recognises the respective abilities of man and woman, which is why she has given us such good examples of holy men and women, living lives that reflect the virtues of Catholicism. Take St. Agnes, for example. She was martyred for her wish to stay pure, a wish which God, by His grace, granted to her. Hardly any young woman in today’s culture would safeguard herself unto death. If she did so, society would frown upon her as odd and old-fashioned. Why, when someone behaves wantonly, are they applauded, and when someone upholds virtue they are sneered at?

  It’s because of the radical idea of freedom. Well--perhaps not exactly freedom, for we all have our own free will, but more what one uses one’s free will for. One is expected, and all but required to use one’s will loosely, to just go about and satisfy worldly desires instead of tempering one’s feelings to suit not oneself, but the wishes of God.  

   Anyway, the lack of the understanding of men and women in society has brought low traditional marriage, and perhaps has even sped on the Supreme Court to its fatal decision of last week. Thankfully, there are still quite a few of us so-called “Traditionalists” who are still following the Church, even though that is of course a very archaic, (one might even say a medieval) thing to be doing. But it is a very good thing to be doing, because gradually there appear to be fewer and fewer people doing it, and this is exactly why it is unfashionable. A thing has to be fashionable to be in any way emulated by popular society, and hardly anything old-fashioned is popular.

  So, to revisit the intended topic of this bit of writing; men, be strong and polite. Women, be virtuous and kind. And, everybody, support the Church as an example of virtue in an age where virtue is falling into the gutter.

Maura Tuffy

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