Saturday, November 12, 2016

Some Thoughts On Liberalism

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In the weeks leading up to, and the days since, the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, I have noticed more than the usual display of aggression and hate towards those of a conservative mind. The perpetrators of this often pugnacious mindset are (except perhaps for a few isolated cases) hardcore Liberals, persons who are anti-Catholicism, anti-traditional marriage, anti-birth control and abortion, and who are basically against everything which has generally been held as common sense and standard moral behaviour. The amount of people I have observed who have asked others to break a Facebook friendship is really ludicrous; if a friendship is true, it should go beyond whatever political mess is thrown into our laps. So many friendships are broken, trust is doubted, and anyone who dares to stand up for what is right and just is attacked.
It seems that the concentration of all this hate is Donald Trump. He, in a way, stands for conservatism, for old and traditional values. He is despised by Liberals, and so are his supporters. Any time I look at any social media page--Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat--all I see is hate.
This is particularly paradoxical, because hate and hate speech is what the Liberal Agenda proclaims to be so against. They pretend to be a cult of peace and acceptance, but they are not. You can believe what you like, say anything you like, love whoever you would like--but may God help you if it is something Liberals disagree with. They claim to be about freedom to choose whatever you want to think--so long as it doesn’t disagree with their twisted political ideals. For twisted they are, and more corrupt than any other cult that has ever raised its head.
As for believing whatever you would like, those of us who do not believe in abortion and contraception are accused of oppressing women. Really? I do not feel oppressed by that. Rather, what is oppressing is the fact that, from a very young age, girls are sexualised and taught that their bodies are vessels for pleasure; they are encouraged to go on the Pill, to practice “safe sex”, to do whatever feels good. This is fast becoming not so much of a choice, but an expectation. There is nothing liberating about being expected to use yourself so shamelessly. Liberation is self-respect, and tampering with your body is not self-respect. It is a widely known secret that abortifacients and such cause a myriad of diseases, including cancer--but at least the baby is dead, I guess, and surely cancer is better and less disturbing for the mother than holding a lovely baby in her arms.
Saying what you like is as bad, if not worse, as believing whatever you would like. Words have power, a power that many resent. It is one thing to have opinions, but another thing entirely to give voice to them. When it is the majority who voices opinions, they do not fear, and they can hold sway spouting whatever ridiculous nonsense they please; but when it is a minority who stands strong and voices their opinions, then Liberals fear that minority with a cold and gut-wrenching dread, for they know that if but even a mere few find the bravery and moral strength to stand for what is right, they will do more than just voice opinions; they will act on their words. So to appear unafraid in the face of what they know in their heart of hearts to be justice, Liberals turn to hate instead of reason to combat Conservatism. They shut their ears and eyes to logic because they are afraid to admit to the truth.
And, as for loving who you would like, this is permissible only when you accept and laud, without question, anyone who any other given person has chosen to “love”. I put love in brackets because sometimes people confuse love with mere physical, sexual attraction. The traditional, natural order of love and marriage has been frowned upon and rejected by much of the modern world. Following in the footsteps of Lucifer, God’s creations are not happy with the way things were made, and they seek to twist and pervert, crying “Non serviam!”, as did the most beautiful angel, who succumbed to pride and cast himself away from God forever. Pride is precisely the sin that afflicts those who pander to the trend of sexual diversity; they reject order, as did Lucifer, and seek to lead themselves. In so doing, they profane the sacredness and sanctity of love. There is no quiet patience, everything is about instant gratification. And now, with the near abolishment of abstinence until marriage, those who actually do believe in waiting are frowned upon as old fashioned. It’s not even just about self respect, it’s about respecting your future spouse. You would not relish the idea of your husband sleeping around with a load of women, (I know I wouldn’t) and he would be as equally opposed to the thought of you doing the same with men.

To wrap up these few paragraphs of my probably very controversial thoughts, I would like to say that I am very glad Donald Trump was elected president. I do not like him as a person, I do not like some of the things he said, but at least he is not Hillary Clinton. Our country may be doomed, but at least with Trump we have a small shot at survival. Under Hillary, we would be drawn with no small speed downwards into an abyss of corruption from which we might never escape.

By Maura Tuffy

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  1. Practice what u preach @liberals. Wheres your tolerance? Tolerate our ideas and opinions.